It’s easy! Masala by Marigold offers a proven and flexible program to help you quickly create Indian prepared foods. In addition to products, our program provides personal consultation on menu planning, menu rotation, and recipe development. It can be easily adapted to your facility, equipment or cook skill levels.
You can! Deliver variety, flavor and innovation while meeting the growing demand for health and wellness needs. All (except one) of our sauce products are vegetarian and can be combined with vegetables, grains or alternative proteins (e.g. tofu) to deliver plant-based foods without compromising flavor. We offer full prepared vegan entrees that fully ready to serve.
Masala by Marigold’s ready-to-use sauces and ready-to-serve vegan entrees, easy recipes and menu ideas have been successfully used by hundreds of Chefs across the country. We serve Colleges and Universities, Business & Industry / Corporate Dining, Healthcare Institutions, Casinos, and Airport Foodservice Operators, among others.
Masala by Marigold’s ready-to-use sauces and ready-to-serve vegan entrees have been successfully used to offer self-service hot bar foods, chef-stations, behind the glass pick and choose combo meals, dedicated Indian foods kiosks within a food court environment, and much more.