Our team is passionate about making great, authentic and craft sauces using traditional slow-cooking techniques in kettles – a centuries old process that helps build layers of flavor. You will find that each of our products are truly unique. Our sauces have a clean label, are natural and most are made without gluten. We work with hundreds of Chefs who tell us that Masala by Marigold’s sauces tastes better than other products and they love Masala by Marigold’s variety, depth of flavor, and flavor consistency. We have the privilege of long-term customer relationships! See proven results and testimonials to hear more.
Making sauces from scratch is time consuming and requires a lot of ingredients. Masala by Marigold sauces save time, labor and money and reduces inventory and waste. We make it easy for you to create consistently delicious authentic Indian or Indian-inspired meals. The sauces are complete and do not need anything. They can be used right out of the bag and combined with any protein or vegetables. However, many Chefs use Masala by Marigold sauces as their speed scratch "base sauce" and add ingredients like fresh chilies, dried spices, or fresh cilantro to create their own signature sauce.
Unlike other products on the market, we deliver layers of flavor and distinguishable flavor notes. Each of our products is based on family recipes that are true to the authentic and real intent of the dish. We do not mask quality and flavor with heat or chilies. Your customers are learning about authenticity and that not everything Indian is just spicy. As a professional dedicated to your craft, we help you deliver true flavor.
Use these products to create popular Indian entrées (e.g. Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, Saag Paneer). They can also be used as a braising sauce, glaze and drizzle sauce, appetizer dipping sauce, to create fusion items (e.g. wing sauce, marinades for grilled meats). Serve authentic Indian or Indian-inspired or your own signature dishes – the limit is your imagination. All products (except one) contain no meat and are suitable for vegetarian diets, while some are also vegan. They are made in the USA with all natural ingredients.

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Product NameDescriptionDownload
CHANA MASALA Chana masala is a popular vegan dish in North Indian cuisine. The main ingredient is chickpeas. It is fairly dry and has a balanced spice profile with cumin-based heat. Stewed tomatoes and ground pomegranate seeds provide a slightly tart flavor. It can be eaten as a side or a entree by itself. Download Share
CHETTINAD SAUCE A vibrant yogurt based sauce that is seasoned with ginger, garlic, spices and bursts with the flavor of black peppercorn and toasted coconut. Download Share
COCONUT CURRY SAUCE A rich coconut cream sauce that is seasoned with a tangy blend of chiles, tamarind, mustard seed and shredded coconut and finished with sliced onions. Download Share
MAKHNI SAUCE A sumptuous, butter-based tomato cream sauce seasoned with ginger, garlic, spices and finished with the fresh herbal notes from fenugreek leaves. Download Share
ROGAN JOSH An intense, aromatic braising sauce that starts with caramelized onions and garlic that are then simmered with spices including kashmiri red chilli powder, dried ginger powder, fennel and fragrant cardamom. The sauce is finished with yogurt for slight tang and texture. Download Share
TAARKA DAAL Taarka Daal is a popular vegan dish of split yellow peas that are slowly simmered with red bell peppers, diced serrano peppers, shallots, cumin, and dried red chili. Download Share
TANDOORI MARINADE This core marinade is used to season meats, seafood and vegetables before they are roasted in the tandoor oven. This marinade is made of pureed ginger and garlic spun with our signature 10-spice tandoori spice blend. Download Share
VINDALOO SAUCE A piquant braising sauce that starts with caramelized onions that are stir fried with our signature dry roasted spices and chilies, then slow simmered in garlic, tamarind and apple cider vinegar. Download Share