Our products are rooted in family recipes, and inspired by the menu at our award winning Marigold Restaurant, that operated in Chicago from 2006-2013.

We combine diverse regional Indian flavor profiles and culinary techniques with fresh herbs, spices and other all-natural ingredients allowing you to easily deliver rich, flavorsome and authentic Indian sauces and meal components to your guests.

The origin and inspiration for our products lies in the family recipes used at Marigold Indian Restaurant, an award winning Indian restaurant which the founders operated in Chicago, Illinois. Five years after opening Marigold Restaurant in Chicago, our mission – to provide everyone the ability to savor authentic and pure flavors of the India – was expanded to take us beyond the four walls of our restaurant. Building on our collective professional backgrounds in marketing, branding and large scale production, we began the journey of taking our family recipes, which had become restaurant recipes, to even a larger scale. In our journey, there were and will always be unknowns but what we are clear about one thing -  anything we create will not only taste great and provide great value - but also conform to the intricacies and nuances of the culture from which the food is inspired. That’s why all our products are, and will be, based on family recipes.

Sandeep Malhotra & Jim Dragatsis

* Best New Restaurant 2006 (Time Out Chicago) *

* Best New Restaurant 2006 (Chicago Magazine) *

* Best Restaurants of the Decade (2006) (Steve Dolinsky) *